About PL.2012+

On 1 January 2013 operation of National Stadium was assumed by PL.2012+. The company is responsible for:

  • Management of the Stadium and the real estate in accordance with the business plan subject to annual reviews with the aim of making the most of the potential of the National Stadium in Warsaw, securing revenues sufficient to cover the its costs which includes sub leasing and hire of parts thereof and in particular for use as conference, event, office space hire and others and to uphold the highest standards at the National Stadium.
  • To provide a service for the greater good, i.e.

    • ensuring equal treatment for all social groups at the National Stadium
    • making the stadium available for events which benefit the society, culture and the beauty world
    • hosting sporting mass events (at least 3 per year), which promote physical activity, fitness and tourism as well as cultural events and performances to which under 15s and the disabled will have free access.
  • Promoting the National Stadium and the brand, for the best allocation of all marketing, advertising and other associated rights.
  • Building a relation between the National Stadium and the public, business, social and media communities.

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